Friday, July 25, 2008

keep on moving

My exercise buddy and I signed up for three upcoming walks today. We decided on two of them a few weeks ago, and my friend found the third one today. The third addition in our walking line-up is actually the first one we will do: just a week after I get home from Colorado.

On August 10th, we will participate in the five mile (that's correct: miles not "k") Providence Bridge Pedal Bridge Stride in Portland, where we will walk over both the Fremont and Steele bridges.

On September 21st we will participate in the 5k walk in the local Race For the Cure.

And on October 5th we will participate in the Portland Marathon in the 10k "Mayor's Walk."

After that - who knows! One thing we do know for sure, we will be looking for rain gear so we can continue our outdoor workouts as long as we can. A little rain won't be a problem, it's getting into winter with the wet and cold that is an unknown. Of course, in Portland, we tend to only have a total of about two weeks of "severe" weather (stop laughing - remember, everything is relative), which is scattered over a couple months. I'm not counting the numerous "severe weather warnings" which turn out to be nothing; only the near freezing or below with wind and ice/snow days.