Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Quarterly check-in (jk but not really)

 It's been a while. Which does not equate to the absence of writing, only to the absence of putting words in this creative space. To mark that I've been here, I'm sharing day one of Inktober2023, also known as Cartoonistober and Drawtober and Sketchtober, and other variations. 

I first joined in Inktober two years ago. I'd seen the hashtags and thought it looked like fun. I'd been experimenting with making comics alongside my writing; not usually together, but simultaneously. I didn't know that Inktober had some guidelines and rules so I felt a little guilty that I just did it my way. But I've come to do NaNoWriMo that way, too, so why not Inktober? 

When I discovered there were other variations, I felt better. I was not the only one not following the original rules of Inktober - which I respect and am impressed with those who create that way. I appreciate the October draw each day encouragement.

This year, I haven't made it each day. I have drawn something *for* each day, but it has not always been *on* the day. Too much going on and time is slippery and there are some things which are requiring extra time and attention, hence the "slippery" time label.

All is well. Here is Day One of Inktober 2023: Rain Dance, fitting for here, where we've been drier than usual. And on that day, it rained. That first big rain after some drier and warmer than usual resulted in my favorite smells, and nice puddles for reflection. (This was drawn with a Pilot G7, so preplanning as I tend to do {call me "pantser"!}, and in the small Moleskin I carry with me, which is cradled in a Portland Leather wine-red cover, with a long wrap strap to hold it closed.)

And, yes, I have signed up to do NaNoWriMo, again. Keeping my pen -and fingers on the keyboard- moving!