Monday, July 28, 2008

colorado: day 20 (mon 7/28)

An entire day of grading beginning at 9 am. Except for a staff meeting for about 30 minutes at 3 pm, for which I had to change to my work-wear from my hanging out in the dorm t-shirt and baggy cotton shorts. And from which I rushed back to change back to the comfy clothes to finish grading. I completed all the videos and transcripts and self-assessments about 6:30 and took a dinner break.

Walked a new route to find a different Mexican food restaurant - which I did. It was pretty good. It was just me and my book and a margarita on the rocks. And a tall glass of ice water. I ordered a Enchilada de Jaica (crab, creamy white sauce inside along with a tomatillo sauce) -- tasty, filling, no conversation, no work, reading the continuing adventures of Jennifer Egan's Charlotte in Look At Me.

Now I'm back in the dorm. Have tallied my scores for the section I graded and added my partner's scores for the section he graded. All that's left is writing up the feedback that is not already on their transcripts.

Oh - and the good news: my Blackberry battery showed up today. Only ten days after it was delivered to campus - -but at least I have it. My battery has been making it through a day. And the truly strange thing is that I charged it up overnight on Friday and just tonight have had to plug it in again. I used it the same amount I have every other day -- who knows. It still works and I have the new one I paid for. I also already told the manager for the job to just send another form to my home, where it will be safely waiting for me when I arrive next weekend. There is nothing personal on the form (that I know of) should it resurface here in Greeley. If someone else wants to fill out the authorization for drug screening for this company, be my guest!

Now I must return to writing out the feedback, here in Greeley, CO, where it is now a cool 80 degrees. (It did truly feel cool when I was out walking in it; the difference between 95 and 80 is significant.)
Ursa, the UNC mascot, stands guard over
the Student Community Center
picture (wonky as it is) by Dot Hearn