Tuesday, September 24, 2019

One month later .dot.dot.dot.

I've been back home just over a month now, from the road trip down through California, across Arizona into New Mexico and up to Taos, then back home through Utah, Idaho, Oregon.

It feels much longer than a month. I worked as many extra hours as I could to make up some of the time (meaning money) that I didn't earn during those lovely two weeks away. I also had an event I was involved with which took time, and more time, and additional time. A lovely annual event I love; but it still required more attention than the original agreement, which was fine, it was important. And my partner had, apparently, a burst blood vessel in her eye, which turns out is actually a common occurrence and no big deal - and with arnica and compresses and extra thick eye drops healed itself quickly, faster than predicted and well ahead of her upcoming trip to Italy to teach art; but we didn't know what it was when it happened and it was a late night trip to urgent care, arriving about 20 minutes before they closed but, luckily, she was the only patient. And there was a minor car accident (not her fault, but we're still waiting for the insurance company's determination on that - the other driver blamed her) - an accident is pretty much always a pain in the butt but the car is repairable and drive-able.

I didn't realize until I was writing this: it has been only one month.

One month. One full month. Not bad and I am not complaining. But I remember on the last leg of the trip, driving home through the Columbia Gorge, I was thinking and then said - I don't want to lose the good things from this trip. I don't want to forget the slowing of time in a good way and the being able to relax and just be present some of the time. I don't want to forget that life exists in a realm where there is time and space and air to breath.

One month.

Have I forgotten already? Not quite. Not entirely. There has been a lot of good happening, as well. In the theater side of my life, there are two new places I am working with and am excited about. I am excited by many of the theatrical productions I get to work on and see this season - there are a lot of really strong plays and casts. It is a power filled season. I have a short fiction piece coming out in an anthology sometime soon; I will share the details as soon as the release date, title & cover are available. I have my November (NaNoWriMo) writing retreat planned [I didn't get the residency I applied for and it really is okay; the coast retreat is later that month will be spectacular in a place I love and it is half the distance away, so, more time for writing!].

I have not forgotten. But it was receding to the background. Until now.

I remember.

Time and space and air to breath. It is within me. It is around me. I will remember to take time, too, even when obligations require more time in the moment. In my overall life, there is time, space, air, breath.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Inspiration and Rejuvenation

We traveled through eight states in thirteen days, we looked at art and met up with family and friends. We had six days in a row where we could wake up on our own schedule, no alarms. We took in the sky. So much sky and light and, for a while, time. What seemed like so much time when we arrived at the second part of our trip, Taos NM, became so little time left and so much to do. It all worked out and isn't that often the way with a trip? At the beginning the time stretches into a far away horizon, but at the end it seems not much was actually accomplished and so much might be missed.

Wait. Rewrite that narrative. One goal of this trip was rest, relax, rejuvenate.



It was a success.

We also had some wonderful discussions, saw beautiful art. And the sky! Did I mention the sky? Here, let me show you.

Creative inspiration in the form of an expanse of blue, clouds, openness.

Monday, July 22, 2019



I don't have many words to go with this photo.
It happened.
I took it.

The first shot of the sunset reflected in the windshield was an accident, the second, too; that was not my focus. But the third one, the one I took after this one, was too arranged and too much trying to be perfect. While this one, the second accidental photo, captured the moment of slightly off center and slightly out of balance and the lights colors lines draw the eye toward a point of vision, distance, insight.

If I had to describe my writing - it is this.

This photo.

No more words right this moment - just look - see it. 

Feel it.

A coming together. A deepening.

Friday, June 28, 2019

New Moon and Solstice Intents

writing      words    
inhabiting cultivated shared power,
community built on trust and positive relationships,
deflecting negative projections

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Water Retreat (Whidbey Island)

I recently spent a few days up on Whidbey Island. Time off for me, except for driving S to and from teaching a four-day cold wax class at Pacific Northwest Art School.  I want to say that I spent all five days writing; I didn't. I want to say that I spent all five days working on three in-process projects and completed them all; I didn't. (I did complete one and started an important report.) Or maybe I want to say that I took time out and just relaxed all five days; I didn't. What I did do was take some time to relax, I even took naps a couple of time (which I truly never do, unless I'm sick, and usually not even then); I did get nearly done with a work project, which is now completed and I am sending it out today.

In my writing world - it is still happening. New writing is slow. Still working on revisions of the book - by which I mean I am still putting the hand edits into the electronic manuscript, which is (as I knew it would) resulting in more edits and rewrites as I go. I am also currently working with authors on content edits of their stories for an anthology, which should be out in the fall. The first group of editors read through all submissions and make selections for what will be in the book. Then those stories were handed to the content editors, of which I am one. This is an exciting opportunity, to work with the authors to strengthen and tighten if needed, to make sure that each piece fits well with the book's theme and style, while keeping the integrity of the author's original voice. When we're done, the stories will go to the layout and format team for putting together the structure of the book. Watch for an announcement about that book in probably late fall.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Putting a Little Air Back in the Blog Tire

I still don't know what I want to do with the renewal of this domain, with what is now primarily a blog with its own name. I know I don't want to let it go but what that looks like, I'm not sure.

So I am now trying to post here once a month. To not let it die. To pump it up just a little. Keep it moving forward.

I am writing more essays and stories, more nonfiction pieces and dystopian.

The .:LOOP:. reading went really well. I did have a small technical glitch, which I think I figured out four days later during my therapy while I wasn't talking about it. It still went really well. There was one piece of my multimedia reading which failed. But if one part was to fail, it was the best one to not make its appearance. The sound. I wish it would have all been there, but the other pieces, my words, my reading, my visual handmade "word container" the short movie I made - all worked beautifully and those were the most important parts. One tech failure leaves me with something more to work on and improve for the next time. And there will be a next time. And next time I will made a checklist, no matter how small, to make sure that everything is as it should be in terms of the technology. Really. I am not upset about it.

It is the second week of another online writing workshop and I am writing this when I should be wrapping up the finishing touches of my week two assignment. Which I will return to now. I have procrastinated long enough and time is short. (Time is up, really, since it is after 3 AM and I do have to work "tomorrow" which is later today.)

Writing is happening. And submissions. I submitted one piece after work tonight and am working on two pieces (only one of which will be published) in an anthology.
Performance interpreting is happening. And performance interpreting education and coordination is happening (a lot).
Regular interpreting work is happening, too.

And life. Life goes on.
Life is good.
Life has had a few (externally caused internal) bumps recently. But life is (still) good.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Author Bio

I am not a fan of writing bios for myself. Be it for interpreting or writing or theater, I just don't like it. I feel awkward and don't know what to say.

I have developed various length bios over the last few years, for different needs. Which I update and adjust as needed. Once in a while I need something totally new.

The totally new need came about a couple of weeks ago, in preparation for the writing retreat reading and the AWP offsite event reading. I have a short version bio I actually like right now - and it has an even shorter version that is fun, too.

The reading, .:LOOP:., at Corporeal Center on 4-20-19 needed a bio and a pic. I don't have my official "author photo" yet, but I have a couple I've been using that are okay. Tonight I received this multimedia bio from Domi Shoemaker, writer-captain-mammal-extraordinaire. They have the golden creative touch; truly.

Here it is, my bio for .:LOOP:. on 4.20.19.  (If you missed the post about this new quarterly writing series, go back one post for more information. It is going to be one of the highlights of my year. Now I have to get back to editing what I am going to read and working on the multimedia bits.)

Monday, April 8, 2019

.:LOOP:. new Corporeal Writing Event

Corporeal Writing is starting a new reading series this month:

.:LOOP:. A Corporeal Writing Jag
04.20.2019     5 - 8 pm

This will be organized by the Domi Shoemaker, who previously ran Burnt Tongue for an extremely successful six years. And they are lovingly called Captain Corporeal, among other things, and the managing master of the ship called Corporeal Writing.

I am honored and excited to be on the lineup for the first reading, alongside some powerhouse writers. I know at least a few of these will be multimedia pieces - including mine.

Save the date if you can and I will see you there!