Monday, July 21, 2008

colorado: day 13 (mon 7/21)

and grading
and grading some more

grading and in-depth feedback on the students' rough drafts of their professional development plans (PDPs).

hopefully, the final drafts will go easier. should, we won't be giving them feedback because they will be done with the program.

I wanted to go for a swim tonight, but the grading took much longer than I expected. Maybe tomorrow night.

interesting how a person's body can adapt to temperature shifts. I've been here almost two weeks and I do notice that I am starting to get somewhat used to temperatures consistently over 90; often around 95. I was inside the building where we present our lectures all afternoon (grading). When I left at 5:00 it was about 95 outside. It was hot - but not the searing hot that 95 felt like last week. I could actually walk from that building to the dorm without sweating or drawing hot air into my lungs.
Lawrenson Hall at UNC in Greeley
from the UNC website