Tuesday, July 29, 2008

loss: Anna

Anna Ingre. May your spirit be at peace
and all your kindnesses repaid.

Talked with my partner today and found out that a friend of ours died unexpectedly this morning. Someone I hadn't seen for a couple years; I think my partner had seen her more recently than I. One of those "I should have called" when I was thinking about her a month ago situations and it's too late now. A reminder to keep in contact with friends because we don't know what's around the corner. I also found out a couple days ago that another friend and his wife are expecting a baby in early 2009. Birth and death - inevitable, part of the cycle - yet an "out of the blue" death touches that place where I don't want to live in fear that each moment may be the last, yet at the same time living with the reality that each moment may truly be the last. Balancing knowing it and not fearing it and living fully and well. And keeping in touch with friends, not letting them slip away, making time for at least a phone call, a cup of tea.

Thinking. Feeling. A loss.