Saturday, July 26, 2008

colorado: day 18 (sat 7/26)

I opted to not go to Boulder today. I wanted to stay nearer to my temporary home, do some laundry, go for a long walk, and explore a little more of Greeley. Then I discovered this weekend there is an arts & crafts fair downtown in the park.

So my roommate and I walked up there about noon, walked around for a couple hours looking at things. Some of it is the same types of things we have at home at our parks art fairs, some of it unique. Some really nice things. My favorites were an artist who uses recycled/found materials and makes some nice art pieces from them. Reasonably priced, but not reasonable to bring home on the plane. There was another artist who had a wide variety of clocks; some of them were funny, some had an old fashioned feel. There was one jewelry artist whose work was very alive and personal; mostly silver with some very nice stones - not the ones you can buy from the wholesale jewelry catalogues and resell cheap; but thoughtful and well-crafted.

We got a bite to eat and something cool to drink, followed by frozen treats. Mine was a bowl of shaved ice with some coconut flavoring added. The coconut was nice; but the true reason I picked it was because it was clear. I didn't want to end up with blue raspberry or cranberry syrup dribbled down the front of my cream colored linen shirt! I was already planning to do laundry today - but having baked in red or blue syrup in linen was not something I wanted to deal with.

It was about 80 degrees when we left and 90 when we returned four hours later and the (I think) cicadas are buzzing in the trees.

I looked up our route on Google maps and it was 2.2 miles one way and about 45 minutes to walk! Woo hoo! My roommate also has a pedometer because she tries to get in 10,000 steps in a day. Our walk up to the park and back met the 10,000 steps! Below is our route.

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