Sunday, July 27, 2008

colorado: day 19 (sun 7/27)

Time is moving quickly and slowly at the same time. This is the longest I have been anywhere like this and what was unfamiliar is becoming familiar and it feels like so long since I've been home and yet - it seems like this week may be over soon and then. I will be home.

I will see what it feels like at the end of the day tomorrow. A large homework assignment will be waiting for me to pick up in the lobby at 8:45 tomorrow morning. And then the real fun begins: grading. The students have a guest presenter all morning tomorrow and then their ethics class (with my roommate) in the afternoon -- so all of us skills specialists can spend the day grading.

Today was low key. I slept in again (well, after waking up at 6 am, reading for a while and then, finally, falling asleep again until about 10 am). Then this afternoon there was a BBQ planned by the students so I went to that for a while and visited the silent auction. Then back here for picture downloading and returning emails. Then watched a couple episodes of Law and Order and here I am. Getting ready to go to bed and thought I'd put this up before I do.

There was what appeared to be a storm brewing earlier today - but it never hit here. What we did get out of it was some awesome looking skies and rainbows. The pictures in this post were taken from my 16th floor dorm windows. Some beautiful and amazing skies today and even some double rainbows. (Even with the clouds the temperature climbed into the upper 90s.)

All photos by Dot Hearn
top left: sky to the northeast 7/27/08
center top: double rainbow east of the dorm 7/27/08
top right (or lower center, depending on broswer size): sky to the southeast 7/27/08
bottom: double rainbow with top of the crane 7/27/08