Tuesday, July 15, 2008

colorado: day 7 (tue 7/15)

our first day of grading
our first mid-day staff meeting to check in with each other and resolve any problems
more skills labs and more presentations (though not me; my big one is tomorrow)

my first trip to the pool and did it ever feel good! right temperature (cool but not cold); low chemicals and, actually, no chlorine residuals that I noticed. swam about 35 minutes with periodic 1-2 minute rest breaks. swimming is another level of altitude adjustment; walking is becoming pretty normal - the swimming increased breathing complexity - but I did it!

my roommate went for her walk while I swam and picked up a pizza for dinner (we ordered before we each went to our respective daily exercises)

oh - the only "news" for the day is that I mistakenly got mr pibb with my dinner from the Pita Pit last night. it wasn't so much that I got the wrong drink - it was what I wanted. but I overlooked that it was mr pibb XTRA and ignored that it was 8:30 pm when we walked to the place to pick up dinner. and that I'd already made a soy milky coffee (sort of a latte but made with Nescafe clasico, so I can't really call it a latte!) when I came back to the dorm. so: coffee at 5 pm, followed by a swim, followed by a 12 or 16 oz mr pibb xtra and then I thought I would sleep?!?!! I obviously wasn't thinking. I thought I was having some type of nervousness attack, which didn't make sense since I was doing only skills lab today and no presentation. I went to bed about 1-ish, woke up every 60-75 minutes, then went back to sleep, woke up... Sigh. In the "morning" when I actually *had* to get up, I realized about the mr pibb mistake. Yikes.

the little video clip shows the outside of the building where we have our skills lab twice every day. the lectures and headquarters are in a different building (the Michener library; yes, named after the author).