Sunday, July 20, 2008

colorado: day 12 (sun 7/20)

[halfway through!]

Today is a domestic day.
Started by a walk to get some breakfast. A break from the routine of super healthy breakfast cereal high in fiber with fresh blueberries and a little banana sliced on top, and soy milk poured over everything. My roommate and I had a craving for pancakes and an eggy breakfast, so we walked to a restaurant about half a mile away.
They are now closed on Sundays; which is not what I read.
We walked up the road further, where we saw a Village Inn Pancake House last week when we were looking for something else. This was nearly 11:00 am (I slept in! Yay!) and it was already 85 degrees outside. I wore Birkes, since it was only half a mile.
Instead it was a mile each way.
But the temperature was climbing over 90, the Birkes kept my feet cool, and we got our pancakes.

And I did laundry.

And downloaded more pictures from my camera.
And wrote my blog for the day.

And I spent more time looking into airfare options to Oaxaca for the writing workshop I will be attending in December.

And put away my laundry.

Think I will see what's on TV; there must be an episode of Law and Order or one of the CSIs on somewhere. After I watch the video of the source material for our skills lab tomorrow, of course.

Veg-out time!