Thursday, July 31, 2008

colorado: day 23 (thu 7/31)

check: completed the power labs. handed out light-up squishy balls to the students, along with little water-squirting toys, LifeSavers candy, and a really cute faux homework assignment with a picture of my teaching team and I. relieved to be done and will miss some of it.

check: final staff meeting. had an "exit interview" where we talked about what worked and didn't work. final check-ins otherwise. I will miss working with these people. we do have the final wrap-up tomorrow with all of the students, so will get to see everyone.

check: prep for interpeting tomorrow - as much as I could. the plan/script/outline - whatever - from the key presenter never showed up. maybe we will get it today. we are also (I am interpreting the completion ceremony and celebration with two other interpreters) hoping to be able to preview the students' video presentation (thanks to family, friends, and some other things) before tonight since we will be interpreting it. hopefully we will get those two pieces of information by this afternoon. (and I'm still thinking how to get from here in the dorm over to the student center where the celebration is held in my all black nice interpreting suit in 101 degrees without melting ... not a huge deal ... only half a mile from here, but it will be hot. think I'll wear a light shirt and carry the shell and jacket)

check: box of heavy notebook and a few other things ready to ship home (will walk to the UPS store tomorrow morning, which is right next to a coffee shop) and about 2/3 of my stuff packed. and I have the shuttle phone number so I can confirm my return trip saturday morning.