Saturday, July 12, 2008

colorado: day 3 (Fri 7/11)

view from my dorm room on the 16th floor on the 99 degrees day

Friday was filled with training and a staff meeting. It all went well and the other members of the team are great. It is going to be a very busy three weeks, with much to keep track of in terms of the students' homework and getting the equipment to and from the lab, and grading... I will spend some time before the big start on Monday morning going through the roadmap, again, to see that I have things in order and that it all makes sense.

I remember when I did my initial training as a mentor/facilitator for this group that it seemed overwhelming. It is a slightly different style than how I tend to set up my schedule and plan -- but once I got used to it, I got into the flow and rhythm. I know that will happen here and I need to just sit with it on my own for a little bit to fit all the pieces together in my brain; just one or two things I don't remember exactly where they go - but it is all written down so I know where to find it.

I like my Skills Specialist lab partner and I think we're a good match. He has quite a bit of experience with this program, so I have no worries there. I think all of the Skills Specialist team members are great and there will be some fun in this process. We're planning a little outing tomorrow ... well, one of us is planning it and the rest of us are going along for the ride - literally, since only two of the group have a car. It's almost like a camp for professionals, minus the bugs and tents and palms sticky from sappy trees.

Again, I don't know how much writing I will get done, but that remains to be seen. My third day here and still getting used to the place. I suspect that once I get into the routine of our daily schedule, it may be easier. It also seems that the "OMG, you'll be working most evenings grading and some on weekends" has been remedied, since we do have some time built into our days for grading; there will be a little - but not what I feared from the information I had.