Thursday, July 17, 2008

colorado: day 9 (thu 7/17)

nothing of note except perhaps the rain. this time the rain made it all the way to the ground - big plopping drops more of a sprinkle pattern than a cover the ground and make it all wet and shiny like we have at home. in the distance, as we walked back from the store in the oversized sprinkles, we saw two giant thunder clouds glowing in the setting sun. they truly billowed and rolled and rose up behind the streaked darker clouds nearer to the town here.

now, not even an hour after that experience, it is dark and the streets are dry. not a sign of the earlier rain, which we would ignore entirely at home. "rain" - hardly!

which reminds me of what happened a couple days ago. a local woman asked me if I'd seen the rain that day. I said no, when was it? she told me and said that it never reached the ground, because it was so hot and dry that the raindrops dried before they hit the earth. I just smiled. "rain," indeed.

today was rather uneventful, other than waking up with much difficulty and very slowly. I was absolutely exhausted when the alarm went off and it took me at least 20 minutes to even stir. I did get going and got where I was supposed to be on time. everything went smoothly and it felt good and right to be here, still; and I was so so tired. after our daily lunchtime staff meeting I walked over to the student center and bought a really big iced soy latte to make it through the afternoon. I think it was early enough and I was tired enough that it won't affect my sleep tonight.

I still have to watch the video we will be using in tomorrow's skills lab, but it's only about 20 minutes long. I will make sure to get to bed at a decent time.

and then on Saturday a group of us are going to a 12,000+ feet park in the mountains. which I probably already mentioned. I'll try not to mention it again, until after we get back and then I can talk about the trip and the animals we will probably see - which is the purpose of leaving early in the morning.