*new* "Pickle Blanket Chronicles: a flash mixtape"                                                                          

"This readers’ mixtape includes flash fiction, creative non-fiction, dystopian tales, and poetry. A sampler pack of the author’s writing brought to you in bite-sized pieces."

$15 includes media mail shipping within the lower 48 United States. Email me if you need it sent to another country or shipped a faster route, and I will check into pricing.

Published in December 2018
64 pp; page size 5.5 x 5.5 inches.
Perfect bound.

Anthology: "On the Fly: Stories in Eight Minutes or Less" 2009

A collection of short fiction and creative non-fiction -- each written in eight minutes -- these gems range from the raw as originally put to paper, to the peer edited and polished story.

The writing shows the strength and energy that can be generated by writing quickly and honestly using prompts. The Collective's hope is to inspire writers in the sitting-down-and-writing-process and to provide enjoyment to both readers and writers.

Introduction by Ariel Gore.

Contributors include local authors Dot Hearn and Jenny Forrester.

Novelist Finisher Shirts, Mug, and More

Visit the Writing Vein Novel Finisher at Cafe Press. There are shirts, mugs, several other "novel finisher" products. Authors completing their books deserve t-shirts as much as athletes competing their race events.

book: "Blood on the Keyboard: Essays from The Writing Vein 2009"

                               Blood on the Keyboard

A selection of 2009 essays from The Writing Vein. This was the year of Dragon Boats, discovering kayaking, and distance walking. It was also the second year of becoming a NaNoWriMo winner, while training for and walking my first half marathon. 

 .                                                                                                              .