Thursday, July 10, 2008

colorado: day 2

I know I haven't posted a Day One. Oh, well. I thought about it, but didn't have an ethernet cord when I arrived and there is no wireless where I'm staying. So, no Day One - though I did write some in my journal and may post it later.

I'm not intending this to become a travelogue, though there will be updates which may or may not be daily. I arrived in Colorado yesterday near noon and in Greeley by 3 pm. Tomorrow I start at 8 am for the first faculty meeting and that meeting/training continues to Saturday. The actual classes with the students starts next Monday.

Today was really hot, yet I still got in my exercise. Good for me and whew, with the altitude and the minimal shade on the walk back, it was slow going. But, as my walking partner says, my lungs should be pretty strong when I get back home and the killer hils and stairs we've been tackling should be much easier.

Other than this post, I haven't written today. Trying to get settled in, get my account numbers so I can get online, after I purchased the ethernet cord which was after I found the coffee shop. Trying to bring in some food so I don't have to eat out every meal : partly the expense and partly the time and primarily because it's healthier to not!

I'm hoping to get a feel for if the increased structure of this teaching/mentoring job will be a benefit to writing or not. Not the teaching part - but the structure part. I know it's not quite equitable since I'm away from home and, therefore, the added responsibilities of an old cat, a soon-to-be adopted cat (or should I say a new cat who adopted us - it wasn't our plan!), relationship, house, car, etc. But I hope to get a feel for it.