Thursday, November 10, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day Ten: A Red Box Day

art by Joanna at "Bird on her Head"
Today I made the choice to not push the writing issue. Word count still 15,188.

Don't misunderstand - I wanted to write. But I also needed sleep and I had a job, followed by a personal appointment, followed by another job (a couple hours of tutoring). And in all of that, I also received notice that some streaming/online CEU workshops I purchased an embarrassing number of months ago, were about to expire. I still have thirteen and a half months left in my CEU cycle (see how the NaNoExpandoNumber thing works: if this were in my novel I would have four words instead of two by writing the number in words instead of digits!) - but one of the set of CEUs was a really good deal and the other set are in a specialty area of interpreting which I enjoy and want more training.

I've completed more of the specialty area streaming workshops - which is not surprising. Right? The "good deal" streaming workshops were, well, most of them are extremely basic and some of them turned out to be some of the same information I teach. I mean, b-o-r-i-n-g; and they had some really time consuming (another NaNoTrick: don't use hyphens when it is just as grammatical to not use a hyphen! see = two words instead of one hyphenated word).

So, today, before work and after work, I decided to finish up a couple of the workshops I'd already started and I did get another one (or two? I've lost track) done. Little by little I will get through them. I don't want to throw that money down the drain. Although the money has been out of my pocket for, ahem, a longish time.

Back to NaNoWriting.

I'm on track as of yesterday as far as word count. The story is going well. There have been two deaths - I still don't know if the second one was murder or suicide; or maybe just an accident. Perhaps. And a truckload of belongings (of the mysterious new neighbor no one knows about yet) is sitting outside the house with the drivers waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

They can wait one more day.

And tomorrow is a day off. I do have a massage appointment with the talented Daria and am so looking forward to that. She is amazing and I feel so lucky that my massage therapist who move away found Daria and recommended her to me. I hate changing massage therapists probably more than I hate changing dentists. I really like Daria and am impressed and amazed at her skill and feel she is the perfect person to replace the perfect one I had who had to leave to follow her path.

So - tomorrow. Sleep until I wake up, I hope. Or until my alarm, which is set for twelve hours from now. That should be enough sleep, don't you think?

Then a bodywork session.

Then meeting with my writing buddy to - write! And there will be a write-in at that same location (this is our regular Friday night writing spot, anyway). So I have about four or so hours of writing already planned in to my day tomorrow.

Which means I don't have any guilt about not writing today.

Okay - I'll admit it: I have a little guilt. Otherwise I wouldn't have spent this long post writing about not writing.

And I do have a Wayward Writers assignment to work on, too.

But tomorrow I write.