Saturday, November 19, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day Nineteen

The The NaNoNovel is moving - I have hit a flow and don't want to stop. I figure I probably have another good hour to go in me. We'll see.

I'm in San Francisco for tomorrow night's big event: The Night of Writing Dangerously. The fun-filled and fund raising extravaganza at the Julia Morgan Ballroom. I am very excited. And, while I don't believe I'll hit the 50,000 word mark tomorrow night, I'm pretty confident I will be caught up.

Right now my word count is 25,261.

We awoke at 5:30 and 6:00 this morning to discover, happily, that there was no black ice outside, no snow, in Portland. Just a cold 38 degrees and wet. But no frozen stuff on the ground. Whew.

The flight went fine - not totally full, no screaming children, a cute dog across the aisle. A few air bumps but nothing bad and it was a smaller plane than my friend thought it would be. But she did great and we arrived safely. The reserved shuttle arrived just a few minutes after we called. We were delivered to the front door of the hotel. And the hotel let us check in a little early - about three hours early!


We went out for lunch after stashing our stuff in the room. Our timing was great, as we met up with a very friendly couple who gave us a great tip on where to eat nearby. My friend had done enough walking for one day and we wanted to keep it close; and although my lungs are a lot better, I couldn't do much of an incline. And since we're in the Chinatown/Financial area, we're on the edge of a couple of significant hills. The restaurant the couple recommended is only one block from the hotel's front door. And it was de-lish-us. Yum. They have very some very fresh fish. You see it swimming right there in the tank, they take it out, and whack - dinner - or lunch. Neither of us had any of those extra fresh delicacies - but what we did eat was great. Almost every table had "Fried Live Crab" except us. It is a whole crab, deep fried - the whole thing, topped off with the top shell, complete with eyes. Popular - but not on our list; my friend can't eat crab and I'm not eating deep fried anything - let alone a whole crab which was cooked, alive? or is it a translation error and means fresh? Regardless - our lunch was good.

Then tonight after some writing and a nap and a coffee, we spent some time looking for a delivery pizza place. I mean, we're in San Francisco, there should be a lot - right? No. Not so. We spent about 90 minutes looking for:
- a pizza place with more than one Yelp or GrubHub star
- which delivers pizza - and to where we are
- which was less than $30 for a pizza
- and which was open past 4:00 pm.
Not as easy as it seems. We found one place which looked great and we agreed and we looked at the menu and make our decision. And then discovered they closed at 4. Whoa.

We did find a really nice place and ordered a Marguerita pizza and a salad each with some chicken. Then went downstairs and got a latte and I ordered a glass of wine. (Guess how much the glass of wine and the latte were? with tax? $21. Yes - $21. It's okay - I'm here for a good reason and it was a nice glass of wine, which went great with the pizza.)

And we're both being productive. With the television playing shows we've already seen as white noise in the background against some noisy neighbors.




Back to it.