Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day Sixteen

I love it when the NaNoWriMo starts posting the participation stats for the whole deal...

And here's the first one I caught:

Total Collective Word Count for 2011
...that's a great big heap of words.


My word count at the end of day sixteen? The same as at the end of day fifteen. A big -0- red box day for me again.

Speaking of which - there are all red boxes on my calendar, so I'm changing to a different widget until they get the calendar back up and running. All red boxes is a little depressing.

And the reason I didn't write today? Grading student journals. But I'm glad to say, for the sake of my students and my word count, the journals are all graded and caught up.

Which means that tomorrow's available time will be spent writing. While I do a load of laundry so I have clean clothes to take to San Francisco for The Night of Writing Dangerously.

I'll bask in the billions of collective words written so far this month, even if my own are lagging another 1,667 behind right now.