Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mike Daisey 6a hour #allthehours

The thirteenth hour started with a status update. Of Mike. The crew, the technology.

And a review of the statement: "you can't cheat fatigue after a certain point."

But we try.

He is working from notes. Tweaking during the breaks, adding more. This is the first time this has been done, the first time these words have been spoken.

And may never be again.

He led us outside to show us something. The 100 or so people here followed. Stood in the gently falling rain. Listening. He talked of corporations. Of not being asleep in our lives.

In revival preacher manner he called on us to see the rising sun and, like now when the sun isn't visible to watch the lightening sky, to listen to the wind, to look around. To be present and awake.

It was good to be outside, to be called to wake up.

Then a young woman led us all in Amazing Grace (I just listened), and read a little. Then we had the opportunity to buy bagels or vegan bfst sandwiches from Sweet Pea Bakery Cafe.

Now awaiting the 14th hour. We're over halfway.
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