Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catching Up

Last weekend was an incredible event. I will probably write more about my experience at Mike Daisey's 24-hour monologue last weekend - or may end up letting my hourly posting sit as they are.

This week I've been trying to catch up with other parts of my life, which included sleeping. I did not intend to go an entire week without writing here - but I did.

The week started out with sleeping 13 hours. Obviously that's what I needed after a busy work week, completing the memoir in that same week, which also happened to be T:BA:11, capped off by the marathon performance of a master storyteller/monologuist.

And here it is the end of the week.

All is well. This week, in addition to recovering from last week, was spent preparing for the start of the term teaching next week. I only have one class this term, so it should be a little easier to keep up with writing and working and teaching - in addition to regular life events such as: my car's "oil change time!" light just started coming on, laundry (necessary), dealing with a couple of issues which arrived via too-thick envelopes in the mail, and so on.

And writing. Due to an unexpected event on Tuesday, my writing buddy had to cancel that day - and that's okay. Things happen and sometimes it's me. Sometimes it's both of us - like yesterday. I was scheduled to work (I generally try to be off on Fridays) to make up for taking the time off last Sunday for MDaisey, but my friend also had something she had planned. So we missed both of our writing times this week - but will meet up next week. Now that I have things plotted out and typed up and spreadsheets established for the class I'm teaching, I can devote more time to my writing ... after I finish one other major thing I have to do.

Ideas for writing keep coming to me. I file them away - in electronic files, now. Two of them. I've lost inspirations and sparks and beginnings of short stories and such too often with the death of a computer, to trust it all to one file now.

But I needed to post here. Once I post, the flow starts to be restored.

Rather than slinking away because I failed to write something here for a week, I'm standing up and saying - yes, I did. And I'm back.