Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mike Daisey 1p hour #allthehours

Adjustment of the narrative. As a monologist can do. A realization of something that was right there in front of him.

So he did. Jumped right in to the middle of the action. A gun. A hedge maze. A gunshot.

There was a great quote but by the time I went to write it down I forgot it.

This is what happens when you've been sitting at a performance for nearly 20 hours. Have been up for 26 or 27 hours now.

Things don't fit together quite as well. Such as : what a great quote, I want to remember that. A few minutes later : I should write it down. Paper, pen - uh, too late.

I'm taking far less notes than I was earlier. I'm following the story for the most part although I don't quite see all of his parts - but I do think I caught a hint of something that was slipped in coyly, quietly - but I think I caught it. I have an idea.

20 hours down; 4 hours to go.
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