Saturday, September 17, 2011

Epic Weekend

I'm planning to keep this post short, since I have much to do before the big event.

Big Event? Mike Daisey's "All The Hours In The Day" at PICA's T:BA11 - the premiere of his 24-hour monologue. I banked in a little bit of sleep last night (I know, it doesn't really work that way - but one can hope - right?). I have some Starbucks VIA packets (just add water and shake that bottle). I'm going to Trader Joe's to pick up a few protein and nutrient snacks (buffalo jerky, marcona almonds with rosemary, crispy seaweed snacks, apples, blueberries) - T:BA will have some food there and I just saw an announcement today that Elephant Deli will be providing some grab-n-go food after the food carts have closed. I'll take a pillow (the seats are old and hard) and my NaNoWriMo hoodie and a lightweight small fleece blankey - er, blanket. Altoids. Whatever flavor Orbit gum we have left in the drawer from my last mondo Costco box I bought.

... hmmm ... that is sure a brand name laden paragraph ... maybe I should go for endorsements, make the event pay ...

Just kidding.

And I am very excited about this. Last year I went to Daisey's presentation which was notes about doing a 24-hour monologue and I knew at that time that I would be "in" - whenever it premiered. I wanted to be there. Then the announcement that he would be doing it this year at T:BA11 - and I knew I would be there. Be here. And so I shall.

For all 24 hours.

And the second big announcement for this week - which I maybe should have listed first - is that I completed this draft of the memoir manuscript. Yes. Done. All of the chapter edits. All of the "list" inserts. Updated the chapter list with page numbers. Then I printed it (in 50-page chunks, since Word refused to print all 314 pages in reverse order; so I had a chat with Word and we agreed on 50-page chunks; set up a chunk to print, eat a little bento, set up the next chunk, eat a little bento, load paper into the tray, set up ... like that.).

After going to T:BA performances last night, I came home and watched a couple episodes of LOST (stop laughing - I got hooked on it via streaming Netflix a while ago, the first few espisodes were entertaining, then it got silly and outrageous but I am intrigued what they will pull in next, what or who will drop out of the sky/ocean/trees, how are they going to get out of various situations -- it's a Gilligan's Island soap opera for adults)... Anyway, I watched a couple episodes of LOST and punched holes in the pages to put into the notebook. But my home hole punch is wimpy and says it'll do 8 pages at a time - but only if you want it to jam - so I do 6 pages.

But - yesterday afternoon, an hour before my chiropractor appointment (to clean up my shoulders and upper back from three days of Deaf-Blind interpreting), I had a minor incident getting into my car. My hand slipped as I was closing the door and I had a bag in that hand and I strained my - left, fortunately, since I'm right handed - wrist and ring finger. It's minor but a little stiff and sore and - yep - I couldn't do the hole punch the way I normally do it. I usually hold the paper in my right and squeeze the punch with my left. Oops.

I got the holes punched - it just took longer. The pages are in order in the book. I made a little cover insert for the binder. It's in a package and now all I have to do is get to the post office to mail it to Ariel for this round of editing.

I know there are some errors. Some inconsistencies. Some things which need tightening. And I'm sure there are some holes or places to clarify. But this round of the manuscript is completely done. It was beginning to feel like I would never get there. But I did.

So - a busy work week (but good work). And the memoir manuscript is done. And I'm going to see Mike Daisey's 24-hour monologue.


And I'm excited! Can you tell?