Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mike Daisey 3a hour #allthehours

Passions and poetry. Dreams nearly realized and then list to unexpected circumstances.


Change always results in transformation - but not always positive.

He continues to hold our attention. To take us on this journey. Dropping in bits from other sections. Weaving. A word, a phrase, and idea. A "remember I told you before."

Volume, modulation, pacing. Holding our attention, leaving space for thought but not too much so he doesn't lose us.

But really he doesn't give a f*#k - right? If you don't like it, if you don't want to take the ride, there's the door.

If you're with him, then you're with him.

I'm with him.

Water as healer, as isolation, as redeemer, as a place of transformation.

Poetry lost. Theater found - another being saved by theater. Yes, in the ranks of those whose lives altered forever by theater.

He is a master storyteller - and it's working. Even now, as we head into the tenth hour.
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