Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mike Daisey 4a hour #allthehours

"The thing you are called to do and the thing you have to do are not necessarily the same." (Maybe I reversed the two from his order.)

He opened with talk about Battlestar Gallactica. About TV pilots and the work and being in the place that is being discussed/filmed/written about and how what is real changes when it becomes the place of a story. How it changes what people know about you when you're from that place.

Fatigue. Talking about fatigue and what happens. Drifting. Thinking you're not or saying you're not.

A return to the story. Which is and isn't real.

And I drifted as I fought sleep. I leaned forward as the seats in front of me were empty. (Someone new has occupied them now - two huddling under a blanket, heads together, will block my view.)

I fought sleep. Just a nap, I thought. As someone who is hunkered down in a sleeping bag on the side space is snoring. Loudly. No, I won't sleep. But I did drift a little in consciousness - I did lose some details of the story. Not really asleep? Maybe. Drifted. Lost words.

Coffee. I now have coffee. Walked around. And we'll start for the twelfth hour in one minute. Then we'll be halfway through.

Yes, I'm here for the duration.
I wonder how many uncaught errors are in this post? *grin* It is 5:00 AM.
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