Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mike Daisey 11:00p Hour

Disney and Burning Man.

Being a participant by showing up, by opening up, by being present.

Weaving in more pieces from earlier. Parts fiction, parts real. Woven so it's unclear (deliberately) where that line is.

But isn't that our life? What is real? Where are the lines? Where my reality exists and we share space but maybe our experiences, perspectives, past and present, alter the events so that what was, is or isn't.

Oh - a master storyteller - yes. Six hours into this; 18 to go. I'm still present and wanting more.

The audience is down to less than half. That's alright. In line before the show some people were talking of leaving about 9:00 and coming back at midnight.

People will come and go.

Some of us are here for it all.

This is very very good.
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