Friday, November 19, 2010

Razor's Edge for 11/19/10

In honor of the new thread the characters in my NaNoNovel brought to light this week, today's Razor's Edge writing/creativity prompt is a YouTube video. Let yourself (or a character) take a trip to the place this band has created, watch and listen, and then write for 10 minutes about the journey. It may be the journey to get there, while you're there, or what journey is launched as a result.

As always, "journey" can be whatever it means to you: physical, emotional, spiritual.

[After the video I've also included a snippet from, and a link to, a blog post about "art saves lives" - that's a bumper sticker I had on an old car - and now there's a post with a similar title. Thanks, Emi, for your awesome post.]

VIDEO: "Year of the Knife" by Santeria

After you've done your writing (or dancing, drawing, sculpting, etc), please go read Emi's post. She has great things to say frequently, but this one is especially timely and lovely. Thanks, Emi!
... And I've come to the fairly obvious conclusion that creativity makes for a happy person. I don't care what it is, but doing something creative (that isn't illegal or immoral) is a really easy way to end up having a good hour, or day, or life, for that matter....
You can read it in its entirety at Questions, Comments, Complaints (11/18/10).