Saturday, November 13, 2010

NaNoWriMo day 13

my current word count is 24,111.

squeezing out bits of the story here and there. in little spurts. disjointed.

the plane is still smoldering but everyone is alive and only two minor injuries. Bill has made it to the parking lot and sees his ride. well, not the ride he thought was picking him up - but someone he knows has come to get him. whew. or is it? is this his death time? since the beginning of the novel the characters told me he would die. i thought it was going to be yesterday - but it wasn't.

i still don't know what's up with Nora. she has a couple chapters but i don't quite know where she fits. other than Bill bought a milagro from her before the plane trip.

and what about the kidnapping?

yes, there is more to discover in this novel. i'm trusting the characters are taking the story somewhere and all of the pieces will come together. or at least, most of them.