Monday, November 15, 2010

NaNoWriMo day 15

Jenny and I met at Kettleman's for a couple of hours today to write. And yammer. And write some more. We actually did write quite a bit. It's fun to write with Jenny - keeps me focused and distracted at the same time. And we can NaNo together - awesome.

I did manage to squeeze out enough words to keep me ahead of the daily average. My current word count it:
That's about 2400 more than needed to be on track today. Which is good. Tomorrow is looking really sparse for writing time.

But the good news is that The Night of Writing Dangerously is just around the corner. Even if writing buddy Deb and I have to go through snowy mountain passes and/or take the longer way around by going along the coast, we will be there on November 21st for the writing marathon. Six hours of literary abandon. Everything focused on writing for that time. I'm very excited but I wish the snow would hold off until after Monday of next week. We're heading down on Friday; will probably stay overnight in Grants Pass so we can assess the best route from there on Saturday morning. Then arrive in San Francisco Saturday afternoon or evening (depending on the passes). Sunday night we get fed and celebrate and write and write and write. Then Monday we come home.

So if everyone can do a little "hold off the winter weather" dance, that would be much appreciated. Let us get down there and back in a timely and safe manner, please! Tomorrow I need to call the rental car company and see if they have chains or studded tires. We'll be fine - but I'd rather not have to worry.

Oh - and character Bill is dead. He was going to survive the car crash, too, but the bad guys had other plans and one of them shot him. Poor Bill. But maybe now I can get back to the main story of The Casa.