Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaNoWriMo day 10

This was a slow writing day - even though I had more time off today than normal. Which is good, since this was one of my two "off" days this week. But not really, since I did have an hour and a half job today. What an odd designation!

Anyway - to my point. I did have the one little job. But I'm not doing personal training right now on Wednesdays because the only time was too early given that I don't get home from work until nearly 2 AM. Then the one short job. Then a few hours of down time, during which I went for a late breakfast with my sweetie to a restaurant called Slappy Cakes where you can cook your own pancakes right there at your table (it's fun and tasty!). Then I had a personal appointment. And then - and here was the big time consumer on my generally off-day - I went to Costco. One reason I went to Costco is that some of my writing friends are coming over tomorrow throughout the day for writing in my partner's art studio. Yes, I bought a little more than I planned but isn't that the Costco way. And I have enough Edamame and blueberries to last me a couple weeks.

Then home. Ate dinner. Caught up on my email.

Then I wrote. Wow - nearly 9 pm. I was also trying to download and install the anti-virus software for my laptop and get it charged for tomorrow (there are plug-ins out there, but I thought it would be nice to be totally portable and not have to plug in right away).

And what I wrote was not my favorite. To be totally honest - it was boring and it was unoriginal and it was, uh, blah. It was also only about 720 words. I'm still ahead on the total word count target for today - but I didn't make the daily average. I was going to go ahead and type a little more - but the writing was flat and the anti-virus program wouldn't download, so I stopped writing for today. (Although I could count these words and then work them into the story somehow... hmmm.)

So - the anti-virus program just finished. It's 5 minutes to midnight. And my current word count is 17,478.