Monday, November 1, 2010

NaNoWriMo: day one

It's easy to know which day of NaNoWriMo we're on because it's the same as the date. Yay. One easy thing to keep keep track of during this busy writing time.

I attended the SE Grind midnight write-in. There were about 15 or twenty Wrimos gathered - rather quietly compared to the two previous years' I attended - and that was just fine. Someone stepped up and took charge of the "go" and we were off! It was a friendly group, with some chatting and some number check-ins. Sharing resources. Lattes and chai lattes and Bananarama sandwiches.

My word count at the end of the first write-in was 2147. Not a bad start at all. So far the setting is where I want it to be and we'll see where the characters take me. They're taking a bit of time right now to fill in the reader on their history, with hints dropped to keep one hooked in to the story.

I overslept today and missed my first personally scheduled meet-up with writing buddy Jenny. I woke up on time - actually early - and thought I had more time to sleep. Then when I woke up and felt ready to get up, I realized I was 10 minutes past when I was supposed to meet her. Drats! Turns out that she had been there and there was absolutely no parking to be found so she left. We'll try again on Friday night - and may also be joined by Deb (who was with the SE Grind group last night) and perhaps Alexander, if he doesn't have any dad duties that night.

NaNoWriMo is here.

I want to be writing.

But I'm working and my break is now done. Back to it!

Tomorrow I will write more and I will update you on my progress.

For now, here are the current NaNoStats:

- 166,664 writers around the globe are participating
- 55,367,754 total collective word count for 2010 on Day One!