Thursday, November 18, 2010

NaNoWriMo day 18

The story line is starting to pick up a bit again. Although there is a new direction it's taking. It's not totally foreign to the rest of the story - it just seems a little late in the game for it to come up now. Or that's what I thought. But I had gone back to the beginning of the novel to find a piece to pull out for last week's writing assignment in my online writing workshop - it was to write the first chapter of a mystery novel and I thought that there would be something in my NaNoNovel that would fit. It did!

See, I didn't set out to write a mystery this time. But that is kind of the direction it has taken. Which has probably been evident to anyone who has been following any of my posts, I know. So I added a little to what I already had and turned in the assignment. Which included the groundwork for this new piece of information.

I guess that's what it really is - more information. Some of the pieces of this novel coming together. Yes, that's it!

The new reveal is that there may have been some Santeria involved in some of the earlier deaths and disappearances. And the young writer the owner was looking forward to having back in the garden, well, she may have been at least the carrier of the message (which is different than the messenger, really, I swear) that led to Bill's death. The Santeria priestess has also given me some hints that there was more Santeria Santos involvement than most people realized in several of the events that have happened so far, or from the past that were retold in this novel.

So, things are moving along again. And it seems that this novel really wants to be written on the computer. Today I had some down time at a job so I thought I'd write. I didn't get much down on paper. But when I sat down to add it into the document, whew, it flew. And more and more details came out.

Yes, this is a typing novel. Ok. Got it!

And today I end my writing with a cumulative word count of, tada, 33,225.