Sunday, November 3, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day Three: First Work Day of NaNo13

So it's happened. I didn't reach the word count goal for today. It's okay and I'm not upset about it. I had hoped I would go a little longer before falling behind - but this is exactly why I try to get ahead on no work days, on short work days.

I am back to daily exercise - and that is great. So now with daily exercise and adding in daily writing, I have to be even more watchful of my time. It will all work out and be fine. It will take a bit to get this all in balance. And I will.

Oh, and the poetry workshop started today. We won't get the first prompt until Tuesday, then I'll be writing that, as well. And another one Thursday. And then post a polished poem on Saturday.

I can do this.

And who knows, I may be able to scratch out a few more words on my breaks before midnight. Right?

So far in the NaNoNovel : we have been in the theater where the play will take place. We have met the stage manager and the tech director. In another scene we met the director and her artist/reiki/energy healer partner and their dog. A body was found and the police have been called. And right now I'm writing the audition scene.

A Scrivener note: I love that I am typing it in Scrivener (except when I'm forced to do writing by hand, like now) because I can do these jumps around in time and it doesn't matter. Not that my books are always in order from beginning to end. But it can be a mess to edit and to find things. Sometimes. But in Scrivener, I write the scenes in the chapters and then later I can worry where they go and they will be easy to find. It is taking one more thing to think about out of my brain and leaving those brain cells for doing the writing.

My current word count is 6515, which is 1515 over the target of 5000 for today. *