Sunday, November 17, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 17: Almost a Red Square Day


Today was almost a red square day in NaNoLand for me. But I pulled it together and finished up the cast retreat bonding ritual. They are all united, blessed by the Spirits, and are about to launch into the requisite for any ritual : the ice breaker activities!

Oh, no! Say it isn't so.

But it is. And I added a mere 205 words to my total count today

Which moved me from a Red Square Day (0 words written) to an Orange Square Day (minimal words written; and they were minimal! but more than zero).

It was a lovely writing retreat at the beach. Relaxing. Productive on many levels. Relaxing some more. Which was followed by driving home today, unloading my car, changing my clothes, and driving to work.

Which is why it was almost a Red Square Day. But I decided I couldn't let it happen; didn't want to break my daily streak even if it was minimal writing. So I wrote. Just a little. And the characters are ready to reveal ...

...are you ready...

The Poet!

- to be continued -