Saturday, November 23, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 23: Another Milestone Passed

The NaNoNovel is still progressing. The words are flowing despite the rest of life continuing to, well continue. Work, time with family, tickets purchased last summer for a performance tonight.

And, still, I met the daily word count today. I wrote 1683 words today and passed the 40,000 total word count mark. My total words are 40,896 (the goal for midnight tomorrow is 40k, so I am still ahead of the benchmark).

We're still mucking around in the play, digging out what it is or isn't. The playwright is leading an exercise at the retreat. And there will be a few scenes run on the beach the next day. Right now, the scene I'm writing, they drank Prosecco, did a word association exercise, and are giving the playwright feedback.

I think we're also getting close to discovering more information about the actor who disappeared when the lights went out and the director was attacked. No details are currently available; but I feel it coming.

This project is still enjoyable and I will finish it. I like it. It has potential. Yes, it will need major revisions and clean up, but I think it is a viable novel.

Yay for me.