Saturday, November 16, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 16: Final Day of Writing Retreat

I still have a little bit of time left before the close of the day. But, since we are leaving early-ish morning and I have things to pack up, I probably won't get much more written tonight. If any.

As of right now, I have 30,765 words in my NaNoNovel. I have written 3180 words since I posted my numbers last night.

I have also written a poem today. And I had to rewrite a couple hundred words from the novel, since my computer ate it. This may be the thing which finally gets me to contact the manufacturer's tech support department to find out about the too sensitive keyboard. I've been dealing with it for awhile. It has been frustrating, but not as frustrating as contacting tech support can be. But now, after losing and having to redo valuable words, well, I may just have to call them.

This has been a great writing retreat and I'm so glad I've spent the time here, with a writing friend, focusing on writing. And watching the ocean. We haven't gotten onto the beach as much as we wanted due to some pretty strong storms. And when things weren't as stormy, the beach seemed to be covered by the high tide. It was hard to coordinate the shorter days, the weather, the writing. But we both made excellent progress on our novels and wrote some poetry.

Tomorrow I return home, to work, to other responsibilities. And that's okay. I am still a couple of days ahead on my word count and I will need it tomorrow and another day later this week.

Twin Rocks, you've been beautiful and inspiring and have provided nice distractions from staring at our screens.