Monday, November 11, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 11: Good Enough for Now


[image found at Stress Relief Solutions]

Today I did write. In between a meeting with a very nice interpreting student on the topic of theatrical interpreting and work I was able to write for a bit and added 1006 words to my daily count. I'm going to call it for today with a total word count of 20951. That's pretty good and I'll take it!

I'm at work now and, while I thought I'd add more words on breaks, that hasn't happened. And I'm okay with that. I am still ahead of the goal for today. And I have some major writing time coming up, so I'm not worried.

Tomorrow my Tuesday writing partner is unable to meet. But I am committed to being there, anyway, and I will take the opportunity to write for the entire time. That will get me caught up for the lower word count the last two days and get my word bank back up to a comfortable level.

Then I have time to write on Wednesday. And Thursday to Saturday are completely dedicated to writing, both on my NaNoNovel and for the online poetry class. Which reminds me, the other thing I need to use my breaks for tonight are to finish posting my feedback to other writers in the Literary Kitchen. And that is the one other thing I will do during my writing time tomorrow morning is - write poetry! We get new prompts on Tuesday and Thursdays and then we post a more polished poem on the weekend. So far, so good; I like it.

Oh, I almost forgot. There is a new development in the NaNoNovel. It hasn't quite happened yet, but it is on the brink. There have been some gluten free pastries - savory and sweet - and coffee brought in, there has been an altercation and a secret hinted at. And, soo, there will be sudden darkness. I have some ideas about what will happen, but the characters haven't yet revealed their plan.

Something is about to happen, for sure, though!