Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 12 : The Writing Retreat

I am wrapping up the day with just over 500 words written. I don't mind it being a low count day, as I am still over the cumulative target (21,667) with a cumulative word count of 23,091.

Today I packed a bunch of stuff. Then I swapped out a couple of things and repacked. Piled my laptop and my clothes bag and my hot tub/cuddle blanket/NaNoSweathirt/Tea bag and my writing books in anticipation of leaving for NaNoWriMo writing retreat 2013.

Went to an appointment.

Went home and waiting for my writing buddy to arrive.

She arrived. We packed my car. We made meal and snack stops at New Seasons and Trader Joe's and Starbucks for coffee on the road.

And here we are. Food put away. Bags unpacked. In our comfy clothes and the ocean welcoming us outside the open sliding glass doors, hot decaf in our cups. Laptops plugged in.

We are writing.

I'm done with my NaNoWriting for today and am moving on to the first poetry class exercise for this week. We will get the second exercise tomorrow morning and I'd like to get number one done before I get number two. I think that's a reasonable goal; don't you?

So, with that, I'll send this post into the world, along with a picture of our collection of writing books. Yes, we did discuss who was bringing what ahead of time, only so that we wouldn't end up doubles of a few books. Quite a lovely collection we have. We should be set if our muses don't show up now and then and the plot bunnies flee into the beach grass to munch.

Writing, ho!