Friday, January 29, 2010

The Razor's Edge: Fri. 1/29/10

The theme for today's Razor's Edge is Happiness.

I don't mean the giddy, forget everything, ignore all suffering and just put on a smiley face, happiness. I mean the kind that come from deep inside. From confidence that you are resilient, you are resourceful, you are worthy of being alive and here. You are creative. And in your creativity you can find or make that place of calm and joy and vibrance in the midst of the storm or at the edge of the shore or sitting alone in the quiet at home.

With a thank you to Ariel Gore and celebration of her recently published book, Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness. Her recent writings about happiness and others' responses are worth reading.

So I decided, today's Razor's Edge would give us an opportunity to explore Happiness, in our own way.

Again, the instructions are simple. Take a few minutes to clear your thoughts. Breathe. Close your eyes if it feels right and breathe, feeling where you are right now. Then look at the prompts below and go with whatever first presents itself to you. Paint or write or sketch or get up and move. Whatever you feel pulled to create in whatever medium.

Happiness. You deserve it. You have earned it. You get to have it and be present in this life, in this place, here and now.

Give yourself 10 minutes to write (paint, dance, hum...) and then let it rest for a few minutes before you review what you have created.

Feel free to share them with me.


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