Monday, January 25, 2010

Fertile Ground: New Short Plays

A friend's new short plays are being presented this coming Friday, as a part of Fertile Ground. Unfortunately, I'm working; but I want to spread the word so you can go if you can. New plays! Wonderful.

WHEN: Friday, January 29 @ 12:30 noon
WHAT: PG2 Presents: The Work of Sven Bonnichsen, Amy Doherty and Marguerite Scott
WHERE: Gerding Theater at the Armory. 128 NW 11th Ave, Hothouse stage (on the mezzanine), Portland, Oregon
TICKETS: $5 - tickets available at the door

Portland Gallery Playwright’s Group presents a variety of short plays from Amy Doherty, Sven Bonnichsen and Marguerite Scott.

Sven gives us two offerings: The Buried Piano and The Astronaut and the Nude. In the first, a girl is reunited with a family friend while a massive party for her father’s election bid booms in the distance and a recently unearthed, antique piano rests near their feet. The second play is a metaphysical exploration of marriage, nakedness and the cosmos.

In Amy Doherty’s A Touch of Cleveland, we (along with the cardboard cutouts that look on) are party to a Laundromat encounter between two people, each awkward in their own way.

Marguerite Scott’s The Ugly Duckling demonstrates the opportunities that come (and go) with plastic surgery.

This breezy, casual box lunch reading series will have you spending your lunch hour at the Armory listening to short segments of plays-in-progress and sharing your reactions with the playwrights. Pre-made box lunches will be available through the Armory Café- no brown bag required!

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Fertile Ground 2010 is a 10-day arts festival that will be held January 22 through February 2 in Portland, Oregon. This city-wide festival is focused on new work in the Arts. It will feature up to 30 world premiere projects, staged readings and a myriad of other arts events from the Portland creative community. From fully staged world premieres in theatre, to ensemble and collaborative driven work, dance, comedy, visual art and film…this festival spans the spectrum of creative endeavor and seeds the next generation of creation through artist conversations, workshops, lunchtime readings and more.

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