Monday, January 18, 2010

new feature

A friend of mine, Christi Craig, has an excellent blog I subscribe to, Writing Under Pressure. Her style is clean and eloquent, personal and personable.

And she also has a great feature which has sparked an idea for me. Every Wednesday, she has been doing a "Word of the Day." She gives the definition of the word and some examples, usually. Then she writes a piece using that word as her prompt. I look forward to it weekly and am often inspired to use the word myself in a piece of writing, or the word becomes a springboard into something else, which may or may not be related, but was at least sparked by that word.

So. Following along in Christi's path, I am going to institute a new feature. For now, it will be a regular part of my blog. When the new website is done, I will move it off the blog and onto its own section of The Writing Vein site.

Check back on Friday for the new weekly feature, The Razor's Edge. Every Friday I will be posting a prompt or group of prompts for you to use in a creative project - be it writing or music or visual art or dance.