Sunday, January 24, 2010

Focus? Focus!

I have a dilemma. Not a bad dilemma, but one all the same. I'm not sure where to focus my writing time.

I often wish I had unlimited writing and editing time - and the financial resources to do that. And sometimes I know that I would then probably be fretting about not enough time to do something else. But a little more time to do my writing would be nice. With the commitments I currently have, I need to hang in here for about another six weeks then - well, we'll see. I need to schedule in more time for writing or leave time for writing. But, for now - this is what I have.

So my time and energy have limits. As much as I've tried to juggle and rearrange and shuffle and double/triple stack my time - it doesn't work for long. I have some acceptance of that now.


I have three books in progress. Well, two in progress and one stalled. And I have short stories out to publications and contests and more to be revised and sent. One poem out and a couple others I could send when I find the right place. But I also enjoy writing the short stories and need more to submit because almost all of the good ones are already out.

What do I do? Where do I focus my writing time? Book? Short stories? The book that the first rough draft is done but needs major revision? The book that the first draft is still in progress? Experiment with poetry forms?

There are other questions. Which will wait for now, while I re-integrate my writing (just as soon as all the student interns and practicum students have their placements!).