Monday, July 20, 2009

whitewater day

I didn't get my Lit Star Training writing assignment done for today. I will get it done by tomorrow night, I'm pretty sure. It was a busy week and then a great, yet still busy weekend. And, as I'm typing this, my right forearm is very sore and my wrist is starting to hurt, again. Which is why I can't really finish typing my story.

I went whitewater kayaking again, today. My first whitewater trip since my first one three or so months ago, where I spilled into the water twice and lost my kayak. So I went into today with a little trepidation and a back-up plan in case I decided I really was too scared.

But I went. I stayed in my kayak. I had fun. I broke the growing ache that I would never be able to do it again. And I paddled all 13.5 miles of the Clackamas River from McIver park to Carver Park.

Ouch. My wrist hurts. Here is a picture on Flikr from autl666 of the one tiny piece of the park. I left my camera back in the car; not that I would have probably had or taken the time to get it out.