Wednesday, July 8, 2009

lemonade or worm bin?

I'm faced with one of those times when I'm looking at the current events of my life and wondering whether to press on and make lemonade. Or whether I have a bunch of rinds and seeds and inedible bits only fit for the recycling worm bin.

Not that I have a worm bin. Maybe that's the problem. I can't recognize what's right in front of me.

It's these moments when I see my looking for the horse in the barn syndrome come into view. I think I'm past the Pollyanna stage - but maybe not.

Yesterday one member of my relay team had to back out for personal reasons. Nothing to be done. She may become one of our volunteers, instead, but even that is up for grabs due to family commitment. That still left us with the minimum number of walkers needed: eight.

Then today, another member had to back out to do unavoidable and unresolvable work conflicts. Now we're one short. And that one short also came with a driver. So - I'm waiting to see if we are missing a driver now, too. Which I assume is a yes.

So, I'm trying to convince the other driver to become a walker for just two of the legs.

I've found over the years that there is sometimes a line when I need to let something go rather than trying to make it all work out. And sometimes the struggle and adversity is just what I need to do and it's a good thing. And I often don't know until further down the road.

This lemons versus garbage incident comes with a $900 registration price tag (non-refundable policy) - so I have more than just spiritual and ethics reason to persevere.

And I think it will be a darned good time! Yet I still wonder... And I hope. Little Pollyanna has raised up her head and says that we CAN do it, yes, indeed.