Saturday, April 25, 2009

standing at a crossroads

The launch party and reading of Alltopia antholozine went very well tonight. There was a great turnout at The Press Club of writers, artists and supporters. The publication looks great and the event was well organized. I was a little nervous, but not too much; just the right amount to keep me sharp and not too much to lose my voice or crack my rhythm. There was a great response to my reading of my poem - and I felt confident and like I did well, which feedback from friends afterwards confirmed. Ahhh. I'd like to do that more.

This morning my workout buddy and I participated in the Discovery Walk in Vancouver, WA - just across the river. We planned on doing the 10k, but her knee was sore so we only did the 5k. Look at me! "Only" did the 5k - and we both felt like we'd just gone for a little stroll. Not too long ago, that would have been plenty - but today, though it was fine to shorten the route due to her knee and other things I had to do, it felt like we were just warming up! Good for us.

After the walk, we looked around and the tables of information and clubs and gear. I was drawn to a table about a 132-mile relay walk in Central Oregon in August, Cascade Lakes Relay. Twelve member teams. Qualification is made by the team average rather than individuals; meaning there could be someone who does 3.3 mph and someone who does 4.2 and the team could still get in because the average is within limits. I talked to the guy for quite a while. In my head I was thinking, "I could do that." Maybe some of the Miss Fit Dragons or other Miss Fit Adventure members would want to do it. I don't know at this point - but the idea peaked my interest. Amazing. Me; considering participating in (a) another TEAM event and (b) a long distance walking event (although the individual legs are 2 to 8 miles). Crazy idea? I don't know. What I do know is that I will be talking to someone I know who has a small RV about that possibility and others who have done the Hood to Coast or similar events about their experiences and the pros and cons. This is the second year for this event; last year they had eight teams and this year hope to get twenty; they do have a running route, as well.

And I am behind nearly a week on the writing assignments for my online writing workshop and I am a week behind on the feedback. Yikes. I will get caught up. Somehow. Soon, I hope.

Now, if only I could get paid for some of this other stuff so I can cut out a few work hours....