Wednesday, April 1, 2009

gocco a go-go

My Gocco arrived a couple days ago. A few days before that, the extra bulbs, inks, screens that I ordered also arrived. And I just received an email that I will be able to get some private tutoring in how to use the machine. I've put that lesson off until May, when there will be two plays out of the way and my schedule is a little easier to plan.

Yay. I'm so excited! One thing I want to do with it is make a zine. And the content of the zine, you ask? I don't know yet. But I've been thinking about the Goccos for a while, looking at them. Wanting one. But not sure I had the time to play with it and do something more. Then they stopped making them and the Ebay and Etsy prices went sky high, so the should I or shouldn't I debate stepped up to another level.

But while we were at the coast a couple weeks ago, I was looking around and found one on Craigslist from another area. The price was reasonable (still more than double what I could have bought one for a year ago - but half of what I've been seeing them sell for on Ebay), so I bought it.

I'm happy and looking forward to adding a new creative adventure to my growing list.