Saturday, November 29, 2008

NaNoWriMo: day 29

My total word count is 55,351 at this moment and the story in coming to a close. I keep shoving that editor back into the worm bin because the ending is sloppy - or so says the editor. The remaining characters are in the room together, with one out in the hall because the hospital room has the maximum number of visitors, and - the one who I was told will die is still alive. We'll see what happens when I wrap this all up. It may be later tonight or, more likely, tomorrow -- since I am heading off to work in about half an hour.

I am also taking a leap and printing out what I have so far for my partner to read. She has very explicit instructions on what to give feedback about. And I do not mean only positive feedback - but this very rough draft I only want information such as:
- where is the energy in the story?
- where do you fall asleep?
- where are there inconsistencies you noticed?
- are there parts which are just too out there?
- do NOT give me grammar notes or spelling notes or characterization notes
We'll see if this is a good idea or if I'm shooting myself and her in the foot!?! The reason I am letting her read some so early is that I am going to a writing workshop in about a week and a half. Part of the workshop is getting feedback from the facilitator on up to 25 pages of our work which must be submitted by December 1st - Monday, yikes. I'm considering giving her a piece of this, but am not sure it is ready or worthy of that. (I do have two very short stories I will give her).

Just over a day left of NaNoWriMo - and this month has flown! What a great experience this has been and, have I told you: I am a winner!?! *big smile*