Sunday, November 16, 2008

NaNoWriMo: day 16

Whew! I have just put in another writing session and think I will take some time off from the novel for today. I have already started the routine for leaving the condo as I found it - sheets and towels washed and the bed re-made, the dishes all washed and drying, and floors swept.

My total word count is now at
32,067. This has been a very productive three day weekend and I have written 11,751 more words in the rough draft of my novel.

The story is moving along now. A link between a couple of characters has just been introduced, although the characters involved don't know it yet. There is a link to another character, but that has not yet surfaced yet in the story. It will soon. And very soon, the next section, I think, the person who has disappeared will surface in an unexpected way.

I still don't know the outcome of this story or why all of this is happening. But, because of
everything that came out in these past three days, I am confident I will make the 50,000 mark before November 30th and know that there is a conclusion coming. My goal is to actually have about 51,000 so there is room for discrepancy in word processing word count programs. So I have about 19,000 words left to discover the purpose of this story and, hopefully, bring it to conclusion.

Note to self (again): time away is a good thing for my creativity.