Monday, November 17, 2008

NaNoWriMo: day 17

It was a super long work day and I still managed to squeeze in a little writing! Yay. I even had to do it the old fashioned way *smile* with pen and paper. I was going to just let it slide for today and do catch up in the next couple days. However, since the story is actually moving along and the pieces of the plot coming together, it was on my mind a lot. And I had to write; I couldn't just let it go (especially when the client of one job took a nap and I had the option of reading a magazine or writing some words on paper).

I feel it is a good thing that I want to keep writing. About the middle of last week I thought the story was boring, was going nowhere, was stupid and pointless - and could not begin to imagine more than doubling the word count and finding any cohesion that didn't read as totally forced. Now, I want to know more about what happens and I am excited, again. Yay. This seems to me to be a good sign about the novel - *I* still want to learn more.So, while I didn't write much today, I did write almost half of the daily goal - and without my computer; about 749 words! New total: 33,309.
Photograph from For or Against Dreyfus
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