Friday, November 14, 2008

NaNoWriMo: day 14

Yesterday I did not write. Appointments back to back and then: tada, I headed over to the coast at 9:30 pm. I had an iced non-fat mocha in the cup holder and I stopped at Ken's Artisan Pizza (my first time there, at the recommendation of a friend) to get a little pizza to go and a salad. I arrived at the pizza place 15 minutes before they closed; whew.

I arrived here about 1:00 AM, brought all my belongings in, hooked up my laptop and the tv and turned on the heat. And went to bed.

No writing. But no problem because I am here at the coast, where it is sunny and calm, alone. My and my laptop.

Writing. And writing. And writing. My goal is to get ahead on my word count.

I did a little writing when I woke up several hours ago. (Word count = 20,753) But I had only had four hours sleep, so I went back to sleep for another three plus hours - and here I am back at the computer. With coffee, water, the rest of last night's salad with apples and cheese and nuts added, and a bowl of popcorn, I am ready to type out some more of this novel-in-the-making.

Watch for a post about odd twists!

bottom photograph by
Ian Kelshaw