Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NaNoWriMo: day 25

I am still at it. Two short writing sessions today and I still managed to type up over 1500 more words. Wowwwee!

I will break the 50,000 tomorrow for sure!

My current total - and I do think I'm done writing for the day - is

I am trusting myself to write the plot as it unfolds and know I can plug the plot holes later. I am following Chris Baty's advice - he's the guy who started all o
f this ten years ago - to leave those plot holes alone for now; he said that digging into them now will only make them bigger. I know there are some inconsistencies and some, "but wait, how did they get from .... didn't she...?". That will come in time.

For now: onward! I see the finish line in my future - tomorrow!

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